Building Custom Pools & Spas in Dallas, Plano and Across North Texas
What You Can Expect During the Pool Construction Process

Artisan Pool Designs is dedicated to designing and building a custom pool you can enjoy for years to come. From the first time we’re in contact with you about your custom pool until your first big splash in it, we want your experience with us to be just that – custom.

We aren’t a pool contractor who’s in, out and gone in a flash. There are many moving parts during the construction process, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you know what to expect and how we go from concept to construction of your custom inground pool. While things can change throughout the process, there is always one constant – Artisan Pool Designs will build your pool skillfully, methodically and with the greatest level of professionalism. We’ll construct your backyard space as if it were our own, and we’ll stay within the agreed-upon budget so the only surprise you’ll have at the end of the project is that it was even better than you imagined.

During this process, we will visit your home, measure your yard and learn your wants and needs for a beautifully-designed pool, spa and outdoor living area. Once we put your ideas together with our experience and prepare a drawing of your property showing you the best location for each of these elements, we’ll give you a written estimate. And then the excitement begins.

Steel Plumbing Shotcrete

One of our expert contractors will use the latest equipment to excavate your backyard and dig the site for your new pool.


Design & Prep

A hand-troweled interior finish, usually a high-grade pebble or quartz product, is the final step in the construction of your pool prior to filling it up with water.



Steel reinforcing will be installed in a cross-pattern style on the sides and bottom of your pool. The steel bars all connect to a four bar-box beam on the top, which adds strength to your pool.

We will install upgraded plumbing and fixtures that are designed to efficiently keep your pool clean and purified – and your energy costs to a minimum.

Shotcrete is applied under high pressure to encapsulate the steel and form the structure of your pool.

Swimming Pool Service

Pool Construction Process